Thought For The Day

Sr. M. Agnes (Margaret Manderson)
(Entered 1871)

Sr. M. Agnes was one of Mother’s first companions. She was sent to the Providence Hospital, St. Helen’s, when it was first opened. After her day on the wards she taught the miners in the little house in George St., which was used for a Night School most evenings, and as well as learning to read and write, they learned prayers and hymns which she and Sr. M. Dismas taught them with so much love and enthusiasm. Fr. Devas, in his book on the life of Mother Magdalen, said of it: “Not one of those who attended the classes ever forgot what was done for them.” Their gratitude was very touching.

We pray in thanksgiving for those who have taught us, formed us, trained us, and moulded us in the faith. May they rest in peace.

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