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We’re delighted that you’re taking a look at the possibility of working with us.

Alongside the administration of our Charity based at Maryfield Convent in Roehampton, we have two Retreat Centres in London and Liverpool and the Frances Taylor Foundation.

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The Frances Taylor Foundation offers a wide range of social care and support services, all aiming to work in person centred ways. We work in Liverpool and Merseyside, Brighton and Hove, and Greater London.

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Our Staff Handbook is available for all staff, if you require a copy please email hrofficer@psmgs.org.uk

Gender Pay Gap – 2021

Based on the March 2021 payroll data we employed 493 members of staff across FTF and the charity.

Breakdown of Staff

Overall 86% of employees are female and 14% male.  When broken down across the quartiles the figures are:

Upper quartile  – 83% of employees are female and 17% male

Upper middle quartile – 81% of employees are female and 19% male

Lower middle quartile – 89% of employees are female and 11% male

Lower quartile – 88% of employees are female and 12% male

Pay Gap

In our organisation, women earn 98p for every £1 that men earn when comparing median hourly pay. Their median hourly pay is 1.5% lower than men’s.

When comparing mean (average) hourly pay, women’s mean hourly pay is 13.7% lower than men’s.