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Alongside the administration of our Charity based at Maryfield Convent in Roehampton, we have two Retreat Centres in London and Liverpool and the Frances Taylor Foundation.

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The Frances Taylor Foundation offers a wide range of social care and support services, all aiming to work in person centred ways. We work in Liverpool and Merseyside, Brighton and Hove, and Greater London.

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Gender Pay Gap Report April 2020

Using the pay data from April 2019 the gender pay gap analysis for PSMG was as follows:

At the median (the one in the middle) pay rate women were paid 1.42% higher than men.  At the mean (average) pay rate women were paid 8.7% higher than men.

In that month we had 545 staff and women accounted for 83.8% of the highest paid jobs and 91.3% of the lowest paid jobs.