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Alongside the administration of our Charity based at Maryfield Convent in Roehampton, we have two Retreat Centres in London and Liverpool and the Frances Taylor Foundation.

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2022


This is our annual gender pay gap report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2022. We reported on a total of 394 employees, overall 86% of employees are female and 14% male.

  • Our mean gender pay gap is 16.4%.
  • Our median gender pay gap is 1.4%.
  • We did not report on bonuses as no one has received a bonus in this pay period

Table 1: Pay quartiles by gender

This table shows our workforce divided into four equal-sized groups based on hourly pay rate. Band A includes the lowest-paid 25% of employees (the lower quartile) and band D covers the highest-paid 25% (the upper quartile).

Band Males Females What is included in this band?
A 19.2% 80.8% All employees whose standard hourly rate is within the lower quartile
B 8.1% 91.9% All employees whose standard hourly rate is more than the lower quartile but the same or less than the median
C 11.2% 88.8% All employees whose standard hourly rate is more than the median but the same or less than the upper quartile
D 12.2% 87.8% All employees whose standard hourly rate is within the upper quartile


A quartile is one of four equally sized groups created when you divide a selection of numbers that are in ascending order into four. The “lower quartile” is the lowest group. The “upper quartile” is the highest group.

The figures in this table have been calculated using the standard methods used in the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

When comparing mean (average) hourly pay, women’s mean hourly pay is 16.4% lower than men’s.

Women earn 99p for every £1 that men earn when comparing median hourly pay. Their median hourly pay is 1.4% lower than men’s