Become a Poor Servant

To have a vocation to Religious Life is to be called by God in a special way to proclaim the joy of the Gospel to the people of our time.

For us, as Poor Servants of the Mother of God, it is:

rooted in the spirit of the Incarnation and finds its true meaning as love at the heart of the Church and the world of today; and a life powered by the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience which gives it direction and focus.

​Have you ever thought of such a life?

Discernment for Life

Have you ever wondered about Life’s important questions? Maybe you are wondering about the next important STEP you need to take?

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UK – Vocations Directress      Ireland – Sr. Mary Holmes 

USA – Sr. Lucy Hennessy       Kenya – Sr. Anne Katuva 

We are bearers of the dream of our Foundress. She was captivated by the awesomeness and challenge of the Incarnation. She wished her Sisters to respond with their whole lives to the generosity of the God who left everything to become one of us.

“God will have our hearts love and the whole of it” she cried. For her, this was the only response worthy of the gift of the Incarnation.

She believed that we are given the hands of Christ to work with, the heart of Christ to love with, the mind of Christ to illumine the world.

Our spirituality is based on the legacy of St Ignatius, who saw God working powerfully in our own ordinariness. He called it “finding God in all things”. For St Ignatius all is done for the greater glory of God.

Further information on vocations to the Religious life can be found on the UK Religious Life Website