International Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life 2020


World Day of Celebration of Consecrated Life is not about survival, not about preparing ourselves for a happy death, but about new life!

  • It is a living encounter with the Lord in his people
  • It is a call to the faithful obedience of daily life and to the unexpected surprises from the  Spirit
  • It is a vision of what we need to embrace in order to experience the joy:  Jesus

(Homily February 2nd 2019)

We invite you to pray:

May those who are consecrated to God by vows of chastity, poverty and obedience reveal the love of Christ to those they encounter,  may they experience the support of the Church and may they continue to enrich our world by their dedicated lives of prayer.

May all those discerning their vocation in life be given the wisdom to hear God’s call and the courage to respond generously.

For all

May we know who lives among us,

May we know Him in all that we enjoy and all that we endure,

May we know Him in all whom we meet and all we undertake,

May we know Him in the laughter of others,

May we hear His voice call us to be at home with Him,

May we have the wisdom to know how to respond to need

Whether in ourselves or in others,

May we know that our peace lies in Him, who make His home among us,

May we be blessed by Him during our times together.


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