Kenya: Sr Margaret Doyle in Mutito

Sr Margaret Doyle SMG returns for a trip down memory lane to  Mutito and catches up with Sr Rachael.

Sr Margaret lived in Kenya for fourteen years up to 2010 when she returned to the UK. During a recent visit she was delighted to see the addition of the new maternity unit in Mutito. This facility is making a huge difference to the lives of expectant mums who are now able to deliver their babies in a well set up and safe environment.

Sr Margaret also visited St. Faustina’s Primary School where Sr Rachael, who recently made her first Vows, has taken up a teaching position.

Srs Margaret and Rachael with the students

Some of the students at St. Faustina’s Polytechnic are learning dressmaking. Some hope to set up a dressmaking business when they graduate next year which will enable them to support themselves and help their families.

Dressmaking classes at St Faustina’s Polytechnic

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