March: Month of Incarnation

The Word was made flesh,

          He  lived among us

                   And we saw his glory….

John 1:14

Pray each day this month for a realization of the great love which brought about the Incarnation, and what it means in our lives.

My soul reflects quietly on your fullness,

for you have filled me with the knowing

that you are alive within me.


From: Miryam of Nazareth

Christ in my mind, that I may see what is true

Christ in my mouth that I may speak with power

Christ in my heart that I may learn to be touched

Christ in my hands that I may work with tenderness,

Christ in my soul that I may know my desire

Christ in my arms that I may embrace without fear

Christ in my face that I may shine with God.

 Christ, whose insistent call disturbs our settled lives,

Give us discernment to hear your word,

grace to relinquish our tasks,

and courage to follow empty-handed

wherever you may lead

that the voice of your gospel

may reach to the ends of the earth. Amen.

Prayer inspired by St Patrick’s Breastplate


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