Prayers for Chapter 2017

Please join with the Sisters in daily prayer as they prepare for their Chapter later in the year.

The functions of the General Chapter

In the Congregation, supreme authority is vested in the General Chapter while in session.   (Our Way of Life, 111)

The principal functions of the General Chapter are:

  • To promote the spiritual and apostolic vitality of the Congregation in accordance with the spirit of the Gospel
  • To protect the patrimony of the Congregation, comprised of the intentions of Mother Magdalen, of all that the competent ecclesiastical authority has approved concerning the nature, purpose, spirit and character of the Congregation and of its sound tradition.
  • To foster appropriate renewal in accord with that patrimony.
  • To deal with matters of greater importance, review the works of the Congregation and propose future policies in the light of the needs of the Church and the signs of the times.
  • To elect the Superior General and Councillors.
  • To issue norms which all are bound to obey.  (Our Way of Life 110 and CCL, C. 631.1)

Chapter Delegates remembered in prayer daily                                                                                                                                                                                                                  by  SMG Sisters in their little oratory in Newry

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