Rome: Meeting for Friends of the Poor

Sisters Angella and Rosarii volunteer with St Egidio’s Friends of the Poor to support them in their work and show solidarity with the poor.

Sisters Rosarii and Angella

The Community of Sant’Egidio is a movement of more than 60,000 lay people set up to listen to and to put the Gospel into practice.

Prayer is central: members show solidarity with the poor, working with the elderly, people on the street, those with physical or mental disability, children and those in prison.

St Egidio Friends of the Poor do tremendous work for the poor of Rome and there is great co-operation between Religious Congregations and St. Egidio.  It is encouraging and re-assuring to see that work once done by Religious is now continued by the laity. Angella and Rosarii also volunteer at the clothes store on Wednesday.

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