Thought for the Day

4 – On the death of Fr. Dignam, S.J. 

I must write to you about our dear and venerable Fr. Dignam whom God has pleased to take from us. He was a true Father to us. He spent himself for us, forming us to be true religious, after the spirit of St. Ignatius. Only God knows fully what we owe him – and after God – only myself, and a few of the older Sisters.

He was the greatest gift God has ever given us, sent to us in our early days, and not taken away until we were planted and confirmed in the Church. He compiled and wrote our Constitutions, which were so highly thought of. His one great teaching was humility, contrition, and confidence in the love of the Sacred Heart.

Letters, September 1894

We thank God today for the “magnificence of memory” which enables us to link hands with our past, and to be grateful for all those who have gone before us, people we have never met, who, nonetheless have formed part of our faith journey.


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