Thought for the Day

Mother used to be kept so busy doing little acts of charity when we were in Mount Street. She used to send us to visit the sick in the evenings, and in the early days she sent us out, two by two to the poor. She saw us off, and welcomed us back when we returned. In those days she was always full of life, cheerful and energetic. She used to walk so much that I remember one day she showing me her foot which was bleeding…

Memories of the Early Days, Sr. Katherine

Mother once said “Love of the poor is a great gift… many think they have it, and have it not. It must have its mark in genuine self-sacrifice” and urged her sisters “never spare yourselves in their service.”

In our prayer, we ask for a self-sacrificing, genuine love for those in need, particularly at this time of year, and a recognition that loneliness and grief can be a worse kind of poverty than actual want, especially at Christmas.

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