Mental Health Awareness Week

10th – 16th May 2021

Theme: Nature

Nature is not a luxury. It is a resource that must be available for everyone to enjoy.  It is central to our psychological and emotional health.  Even small contacts with nature can reduce feelings of social isolation and be effective in protecting our mental health and preventing distress.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we are asking you to do three things:

* Experience nature: take time to recognise and grow your connection with nature during the week. Take a moment to notice and celebrate nature in your daily life. You might be surprised by what you notice! Do something  as a simple as tending to a house plant, listening to the birds, touching the bark of trees, smelling flowers or writing a poem about your favourite nature spot.

* Share nature: Take a photo, video or sound recording and share the connections you’ve made during the week, to inspire others.

* Talk about nature 

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