Message of Appreciation


On behalf of the General Council,  I want to say a very sincere “thank you” to our staff everywhere for their dedication and commitment to PSMG/FTF at this time of extreme difficulty.  We continue to pray that all their families and all they hold dear will be kept safe. We are grateful that all Sisters, staff and those we support keep well.

The generous young Frances Taylor nursed cholera victims in Bristol and cared for the wounded and dying soldiers in the Crimea.  Our staff are following in her tradition. Her writings tell of exhaustion and frustration but also show her loving care in giving what comfort she could.  May she inspire and protect all, giving the energy needed to persevere in working in these challenging circumstances.

Those of us who live here at  Maryfield, London are privileged to be able to enjoy the garden as we too “work from home”.  May the extra time spent in close proximity to families bring its own blessings and may all experience joy and peace in providing care or in supporting our care-givers, and Sisters.

As Easter and Resurrection Day approaches we grow in our conviction that new life will emerge.  We pray for all daily.

Rosarii O’Connor SMG 

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