News from Tanzania

Tanzania has been one of the few countries in the world with very few cases of Coronavirus. Sisters Mumbi, Catherine and Charity have been able to make retreats in the ‘ordinary way’! Sr. Munanie, Area Leader, on production of a negative COVID certificate, was able to spend some days with them recently. It was a good experience for all especially as they walked the eight acres of land we have just purchased.

In addition to the site for a convent, we will be able to do some farming and to build a structure for future apostolate. First fencing will commence, then a borehole has to be drilled and installed as we cannot build without water. Development takes place one step at a time but farming (‘shamba work’) can begin now.

This picture shows the stalks remaining from of last season’s crop of “pigeon peas” harvested by the previous owners

Charity is now officially allowed by the authorities to volunteer at the clinic. All three Sisters are actively engaged in pastoral work.

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