Roman Tradition for Regina Prophetarum

More than one hundred and twenty years ago our Foundress, Venerable Magdalen Taylor, received the picture of “Our Lady Queen of Prophets” from Pope Leo Xlll.  It is a copy of one of the oldest frescoes of Mary found in the Catacombs.  A shrine was established and the feast of Regina Prophetarum has been celebrated annually on January 27th. This year twelve priests, representing five different nationalities, concelebrated the Mass.

Canon Philip Gillespie Rector of the Beda College, chief celebrant of the Mass, at the shrine

In the shrine, Mary is depicted with one of the prophets of the Old Testament, but we are called to renew our commitment to be modern day prophets, showing forth in word and action the values of Christ, under the protection of Mary.

The community of Mater Dei with friends from the Irish College

Refreshments, including our city-famous apple tart, were enjoyed by all our guests who included past pupils and friends, religious and lay.

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