Sr. Anastasia Markey RIP

Anastasia Markey was born in Dublin in 1927 and entered the Poor Servants of the Mother of God in 1947.  As a young sister, she spent twenty years in Providence Hospital, St. Helens, Lancs. Later, she ministered in Bristol and London.  Her smile and humour were characteristics which endeared her to all. She celebrated both her Golden Jubilee and her  90th. birthday in great style.   Ill health was her cross in later years, but she still welcomed all and joked with all who crossed her path.

She left us quietly on the night of 1 February. May she now enjoy the fullness of life with Christ.

One of the quotes that she left us was from the Oriental  Liturgy and may be said to sum up her lived conviction  “I am certain that nothing in our life is lost: not a particle of goodness and beauty, neither hidden sacrifice nor tears, nor friendship”

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