S.M.G. Tanzania  – DEO GRATIAS A new foundation in a new country

S.M.G. Tanzania  – 12th. Feb. 2019

Departure 7.30 a.m. – Sisters Munanie, Catherine & Charity.  Arrival Huruvi,  5.20 p.m. -Met by Bishop, Priests and People.

Sr. Munanie writes “On our arrival to Huruvi, we found Christians young and old together with Bishop and another priest waiting at the road to welcome us.  The music was beautiful, the dancing and laughter were unbelievable. They were very happy to see us and the old women had some rituals to perform to welcome us to the community. We were given white chains and put on our neck as a sign of Love, given batch of green branches as a sign of prosperity and remaining green always, white flour was applied on our cheek, as a sign of blessings.

The following morning Mass was celebrated in the church in thanksgiving for our congregation.  The priest said few words about us and insisted the words of Mother Magdalen, serve God always but not always the same way. He said to Christians that it was a motto that should be imitated by each of them. 

We have had some orientation on the parish programme and have applied for registration in the country.  The house we are now occupying was given freely to us by a Christian until we construct our convent.  We have already visited outstations and some families. We discovered that the people are very poor and that some outstations have very few Christians. The majority of the population are Muslims, who are very friendly. Sisters Catherine and Charity eagerly look forward to working with the various groups in the area.” .

 Deo Gratias for God’s blessings.  Please remember our new mission in your prayers

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